Git commit and push in footprint editor?

Hi all,
What’s the mechanism for committing and pushing changes/additions to a .pretty repository?
Is git commit/push available in the footprint editor (can’t find it) or through a plugin?

do I need to locate wherever KiCad actually stores the .pretty repo on disk (where is that?) and do a normal command-line git commit and push?


So it seems if you only want to use a library on github you follow this:

However if you want to develop a library on github it seems it is better to create/fork the repo on github, then clone it into some directory on your dev-machine, and add it to the KiCad Library Manager with Plugin Type = KiCad (NOT github!). You would then edit/add parts with the footprint editor and when happy with them do manual commits and pushes to github just like you would if it were a code repository.

Any librarian want to confirm that my understanding of this is roughly correct? Thanks!