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I’ve been using Kicad for a while now, and have old libraries, LIB and MOD where I made my own components. (Called MASTER)

I’ve been copying and pasting these libraries into the KICAD files, which takes effort.

I think that as Kicad has been devloped to a better sytem, and I should leave the past behind and use the KICAd system as is.

What is the best way to move forward? Bearing in mind that I’ve found similar changes time consuming in the past.
Cheers, Camerart.


What is your KiCad version? (Are you running KiCad 4 or KiCad 5 or even older)

What do you mean by that?

that is the file ending of the pre version 4 footprint libs. you might want to convert them over to the .pretty format (.pretty is the library, .kicad_mod the footprint)


Hi R,
4.0.7 I’ll update it.

Probably through lack of knowledge, I used to open the text files, and change the text of the LIBs and MODS. This has been outdated, and is much better. I haven’t been able to fully take advantage of the later ways of working, in Kicad yet.

Why use the odd name of PRETTY, LIBRARY is perfect.

I’m sure the younger ones won’t find these difficulties, I’m not any more :slight_smile:


Hi R,
I now am using Version 5.
I’ve lost my personal MASTER files, so I’ll stop using them, and adopt the Kicad files only. If I need to make a component, I’ll update the Kicad files.
Now lets’ see what happens :slight_smile:


My first obstacle! When trying to assing pcb footprints, I get this message. (It refers to my MASTER files, that I’m not using anymore)


You get this message when the library is still added in either the global or local fp-lib-table.

Check with footprint editor -> preferences -> library manager. (after pressing ok in the error message you get)
If you do not intent on using that library simply remove the line from the table using the remove button (leftclick on the line that holds the library to mark it firts)


Hi R,
I followed your instructions, and of course some components were missing from the PCB, but with a couple of drop down checking and clicking, the system had replaced all of my components for the Kicad ones.
I hope I can remember for next time, especially for my old circuits.

This is how systems should work. (I’ve had a radio for years, and still can’t program it :slight_smile: )

Thanks, C.


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