Getting started with 4 layers

I’m about to start working on my first 4-layer board. I’ve watched this video ( on 4 layer, and have enabled the two inner layers in my project.

However, when I try to create a trace from my front layer to one of the inner layers, I’m unable to do so. I start a trace on the top, but if I press ‘v’ it just drops down to the back plane. If I press F5 or F6 I see that the arrow showing the selected layer in the layer manager toolbar correctly changes to one of the inner layers, but no via is created, and if I just continue mouseclicking my trace it keeps drawing on the top plane.

In the video it automatically creates a via when he presses F5/F6, but that doesn’t happen when I do it.

Using the nightly build on Linux Mint 18.

What am I missing?

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When in track mode, right-click in an open area and from the context menu select “Select Layer Pair For Vias”.

Thanks, that worked. But does that mean I have to go to that menu all the time when I want to change which layer I’m routing on?

What if I want to make a route that goes like this;
Front layer -> Via to Inner1 -> Via to Inner2 -> Via to back layer. Do I have to open that “Select Layer Pair for Vias” menu several times to make that trace?

If you want to change the layer pair mid route press ‘<’ and select the new target layer.

Press ‘?’ for a list of hotkeys.