Getting Started Tutorial - PIC12C508A-I/SN Package


I am following the getting started tutorial, and when I pick the PIC12508A-I/SN part, the symbol has 3 pins on each side and 1 on each of the top and bottom, whereas in the tutorial it has 2 on the left, and 5 on the right, with more descriptive labels. The only difference that I can see is in mine the part is labeled PIC12C508A-ISN, and in the tutorial it is PIC12508A-I/SN.

I don’t know if it will matter to the rest of the tutorial, but is disconcerting: I tried looking at footprints but there seemed to be a gazillion of them.

How can I get the correct image to appear?


Most tutorials are still for V4.x.x of Kicad. If you are using V5 be aware that the librarians have gone through a lot of trouble to upgrade the libraries. With symbols like this isn’t that uncommon for the user to switch the pins around to where they best fit the schematic they are making. Sometimes I’ll change the pin several times as the work evolves.

So, the part you see in the tutorial may have NEVER been in the official libraries anyhow. :wink: If it bothers you open the part in the editor and make it the way you want it. You’ll have to learn to do this eventually any how if you want to make decent schematics.


OK, thanks for the reply, hermit – I’m just working through the part of the tutorial on making my own component, and I suspect it wouldn’t be hard to rearrange the PIC12508A-ISN. I really am enjoying this product, btw – it feels a lot less clunky than DipTrace and more my speed than Eagle.