Getting started in Kicad documentation not up-to-date

The online document and the help file document of the ‘Getting started in Kicad’ course gives me a big problem at chapter 7.1 “Make schematic symbols in Kicad”.
The points 10 through 14 are impossible (for me) to do because of outdated info.
Point 10: I can’t find: PreferencesComponent Libraries .
The symbols used in the points 11-12 don’t exist (or are unable to be found by me).
Point14: PreferencesLibrary does not exist in the dropdown menu.

Please update this documentation (at least online) and clarify the text to be usable for newbees like me.
Regards, Barry

Yes, that’s awfully outdated. I hope to be able to continue updating it soon. Meanwhile you can read “symbols” and “footprints” sections in the FAQ.

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