Getting hollow tracks

I think i did something in settings and now i am getting hollow tracks. How can I get normal tracks ?

Pcbnew / View / Drawing Mode / Sketch Tracks [K] There is also an icon for this in the toolbar on the left side of the Pcbnew window.


lf i may ask, what would be a reason for using this view mode?

It’s mostly a relic from when KiCad did not support drawing anything with opacity less than 100%, so it was a way to “see through” tracks (and vias, and pads) in case there is some object hiding underneath on the same layer. Even though we can now just set the opacity lower to see through objects, some people have gotten used to the sketch mode.


You can see if a segment is broken or whether two endpoints are really connected (ending at the same point) or just mostly overlap.
The later is very useful for edge cuts if it says outline is not a closed polygon. I had this a few times when importing a complex outline from LibreCAD.