Getting github schematic libraries

I am trying to leverage all the good work that has been done by others creating creating components and stored in github–>libraries (not footprints). How do I clone the library directory? I have Github Desktop but I assume I need some kicad github account credentials to clone that directory. Can anyone help?

You navigate here:

while you’re logged into github and then fork it?

Or you let KiCAD do the work and just follow the guides on how to download the libs automatically.
Isn’t that standard anyways?
Then they should reside on your local drive as a copy I think in here (windows):

C:\Program Files\KiCad\share\kicad\library

Might be that the ones I have there are from an old install - so I could be wrong.

If you just want a copy of kicad-library files on your disk, the easiest way is to download the zip (“Download ZIP” button on the github web page). This does not give you a local git repo though.

If you want a git repo that you want to push changes into, and share changes online, I recommend forking kicad-library, then use the “Save and … use in Github desktop” button on your own github repo.

KiCad does not (yet) support automatic download of kicad-library. I’d recommend not putting data files into C:\Program Files… as Windows does funny things with it. I suggest a root folder of c:\kicad_data\ or something similar.


Thanks bobc for the tip about the zip button. Totally missed it. That works perfectly for me!