Getting error with .dsn export

I’m sure this one’s simple enough, I just don’t quite have the “big picture” yet. The procedure for using freerouting (whose use isn’t an issue until I get through this step, so not an issue itself yet) requires me to export the .dsn file, but when I try that it says “unable to export, please fix and try again” and the details then tell me “multiple symbols have identical reference IDs of REF***”. Well that’s only squawking about the daggone mounting holes, and THOSE ref IDs were autoassigned to begin with! But I think maybe I need to heed this because maybe it’s telling me I need to deselect some layers or something. Or does it just want me to set them to REF01, REF02 etc.? The premise of a mounting hole as a “footprint” is OK I guess but it just seems weird that now they’re getting into a list of things to be considered for routing (so is the edgecuts layer but the lines there don’t need a ref ID) but this is getting mounted in a metal box so it’s not as if I’m trying to use the box as a shield or anything.

Nope they where not :wink: REF** is the empty placeholder to be filled by the symbol connected to the footprint.

Would be an option. The clean way would be to add the mounting hole symbol as many times as you need it and connect it to the desired footprint (Benefits: No problems with dsn export, mounting hardware will appear in the BOM, clear communication, no danger of disapearing mounting holes on updating from the schematic.)

Maybe a special mode or flag could be requested that tells kicad that something has been added to the layout only and is not intended to ever be connected to a symbol.

In theory one could request a feature to add a drill hole without footprint. (On the bugtracker)

But the mounting hole footprints are more than just holes. They contain silk and fab drawings reserving the space required for the screw or other mounting hardware plus courtyard to allow DRC to check that you did not place something too close.

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