Get custom component from project and copy it to other

I use Kicad on 2 different computers. It is the other computer at work which has a custom component in a custom library. I have currently no acces to that computer

I do have several project which use the component. How can I get a custom component from a project and put it in a library somewhere?

Schematic or public component?

As far as the symbol is concerned, you should be able to rescue the definition from the *-cache.lib from another project that uses this component. Use a ‘decent’ text editor to copy the section relating to your component into a new file. Don’t forget to add the leading and trailing sections.

EESchema-LIBRARY Version 2.4
#encoding utf-8 

<Definition here>


Save it as a .lib file - name it something suitable and move it to a place where you keep your personal libraries. You can then go to the Symbol editor and ‘Import Library’ to import your new library. You can add then add your new library as a ‘Global’ library and access it from your new project. You may need to add the data sheet details and other info contained in the .dcm file either separately or copy similarly it if you have a rescue.dcm file available.

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That would make it hard to share files with it.
If you do have access to that computer then the rest is just regular library management as far as KiCad is concerned, and the FAQ part of this forum is an excellent way to learn more about that:

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