German translation glitch: DoKu

There seem to be two letters swapped in one place of the PCB editor:


The abbreviation displayed is “DoKu” like in “Dokumentation” but it should mean “DuKo” for “Durchkontaktierung” (English: via). This typo exists in v5.1.6 and 5.1.9.

BTW, while I see it: Why is the program called “Pcbnew”? Is there and old one, too? I only know this one, but 5.1.6 was my first version and I only just upgraded today. Maybe I’m not experienced enough or I don’t know all of KiCad’s history.

The misspelling has been corrected in the master branch. If you’d like to look over the German translation of KiCad for other mistakes, you can find it at

The program was called pcbnew since the first import of KiCad into version control. I recall JP mentioning that his first interface had a different name but then he re-wrote it and named the new one pcbnew.

In version 6, it has been renamed “PCB Editor” in most (all?) places.

There has been some change from “DuKo” to “Via” lately, in the German translation, therefore in my current source build I don’t see the typo “DoKu” anymore. I assume in the latest nightly this should be fixed.

But concerning the name of Pcbnew I’m also not familiar with the history. Therefore I’m not sure why its called “new”.

Everything old was once new. Including me. :grinning:

You’re always as old as you feel :wink:

Some parts are still in good condition. Sorry what were we talking about again? :upside_down_face:

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Okay, I understand that this has already been fixed, one way or the other.

Sorry, I don’t feel in the mood to individually click through 6869 strings one by one. On the first page it looks like there might be some minor inconsistencies (All files = Alle Dateien; All supported files = Alle unterstützten Formate) but I don’t have the big picture there. English casing looks a bit random but that’s probably not an issue of the translations.

Oh, there is a new major version ahead. I found a very lengthy review (preview) of it online. Looks like the icons have been redesigned in a more consistent look but the general rendering quality is still poor. I’m wondering when this elementary quality will be brought to a good level. All drawings still look either completely pixelated with rough edges or totally blurry. For a drawing application (think Affinity Designer or Adobe Illustrator) this would be unacceptable. For electronics engineers it’s probably more than enough. That’s my personal impression: any software related to electronics is visually ugly. But that’s a topic on its own.

You might want to run it locally before passing judgement.

I’ll be sure to do that. Just takes some time until it’s available as a stable release. And then it takes even longer to improve it. Until then I also accept to use other available sources. I understand that some don’t.

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