GerbView Model different from exported PCB Editor Model

I am trying to export the Gerber file of a model I made in CST Studio Suite onto KiCad’s PCB Editor.

The Gerber file looks fine on GerbView but when I exported it onto the PCB Editor and opened it, it gave me a somewhat different looking model. The images are below:

This is what the model looks like after opening the Gerber file with GerbView.

*Apparently, new users are only allowed to post one picture at a time, I will post the remaining ones down below. Apologies for any confusion

Is there a way to subtract the huge blob of trace with the underlying ones which I would like to remove?

Am I doing something wrong with the initial Gerber file of my model?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Here is what the model looks like on PCB Editor after exporting:

Upon closer inspection, I removed the huge blob of trace in the front and found that the parts of the board which I would like to have no copper on are replaced with traces: