GerbView Flip Board View Feature

I am trying to use GerbView to analyze a board. I am to compare with the real board but it is hard to compare the bottom layer since the gerber should be flipped to match the view angle of the bottom view of my board. I know PCBNew has this feature (View > Flip Board View) but I couldn’t find it on GerbView. Is this feature exists on GerbView?

Gerbv can mirror layouts.
I don’t know if it runs on windows though.

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I’m using GerbView from nightly builds of Kicad on Ubuntu.
I couldn’t find any way to mirror the layout.
Can you tell me where this option is?

KiCad’s GerbView currently has no mirror option.
GerbV, mentioned above is a different viewer, and that does have mirror - just download that ?

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Oh, great @slc.
Thanks @PCB_Wiz for the explanation.

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