Gerbers do not display properly on Dirtypcb for v6, fine in v5

I have a weird problem I’m hoping someone here knows something about. I’m generating Gerber files for dirty pcb. In v5 it worked fine. In v6, using the same settings, its does something strange. On the dirty pcb website after uploading the gerbers it does not show the copper layers, only the silkscreen. The kicad gerber viewer and gerbv show it fine. I also cant find any differences in the setting between v5 and v6. Is there something Im missing?

There are internal differences in gerber generation between 5 and 6. Some viewers may have problems, and depending on the manufacturer’s CAM software, they may or may not have problems, independent from the web viewer. You should ask them.

Meanwhile, is the manufacturer “dirtypcbs”? [EDIT: it’s not a manufacturer, but a service.]

Thanks for the reply, Yes its , I know they are not the manufacture but send the boards on to them. You can however on their website upload the gerbers and get an image “for reference” Im going to let the order go through anyway and hope for the best while I contact them to see if they can fix it from their side.

Just an update, I got the boards today from Dirty pcb and they are perfect. So it must be an error in the way they preview the boards.


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