Gerber Viewer Feature Requests

I was wondering if there are plans to be able to manually re-order the layers in the Gerber viewer as this would be an important feature to add in. This would help greatly as you are evaluating the top/bottom layers when you want to have the copper on the bottom and the mask, paste, and silkscreen to be on top in that order.

The other important feature request that I would appreciate would be some minor editing features like global x/y translation, rotation, and mirroring of layers as a whole. This is needed as you compare revisions to confirm what has changed.

which version are you using? if i understand correctly, under 6.99 is possible to reorder manually the layers (but i don’t think it is possible to save the reordered state as a ‘default’, so each time you have to do it again).
Also mirroring should be possible.
Minor inconvenience is that, when you move the layers, the color of the layer doesn’t move together with the layer, so any previous color association is lost with the move.

That’s right, in 6.99 it’s possible to reorder the layers. The viewer can even do it automatically (from the RMB menu) but unfortunately not in reverse order.

The whole view can be flipped (mirrored).

KiCad’s viewer doesn’t have any editing capabilities, and I don’t think there are plans to add them. If you open files, they always use strictly the coordinates they have, so you can’t rotate, move or flip individual layers.

I m currently using the flatpack install onto CentOS and the version was just updated to 6.0.7. That version only seems to have the option to “Sort Layers if X2 Mode”

The mirroring I referred to would be for a single layer only, this version has the ability to mirror all layers for easy viewing the back of the board.

It’s a shame that they aren’t looking to add even these basic editing abilities as that would greatly help with the review of designs and check plots from suppliers where the layers don’t line up with each other.

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