Gerber rendering question (solved)

I’ve drawn up several board files in KiCAD so far (and even had a couple sent off to JLCPCB), but I’m having difficulty with the gerber files for this board.

For one, when I upload the Zip file to, it just hangs.

When looking at the layers one by one, they all appear to be off-center and cut off.

Generating with or without V2 enabled made no difference. KiCAD v5.1.6, Win10

What did I do wrong? (PC board file attached, can add the Gerber files I came up if requested)

FCT-II Board F.kicad_pcb (352.6 KB)

Nothing unusual about the gerbers generated, 5.1.9 here.
Upload your gerbers, or screenshots of what you get.

I agree. I looked at your gerbers using Viewmate. I would suspect your gerber viewer.

I am using 5.99. Upload your gerbers or at least upload a screen shot. Try a different viewer.

Huh! Okay…

Gerbers attached and screenshot of the top copper alone.

FCT-II Bd (93.1 KB)

If it turns out the gerbers are just fine, then I’m sorry for wasting everyone’s time…

The reason I prefer gerblook to other viewers or even 3D mode is that it gives an independent check and a ‘finished’ view versus the transparent view in PCBNew or other online viewers.

Some of the bugs fixed going forward to V5.1.9 were in the details of Gerber generation. I suggest that you back up your projects and upgrade.

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Done and done (upgraded the copy on my home Mac to 5.1.9 - will do my work PC on Monday). Still having the same hiccup.

Now, here’s the thing. I fetched an older revision of the same board as above (attached below) and was able to view it just fine at gerblook with nary a hiccup.

FCT board F Rev (35.1 KB)

@davidsrsb Would any of those bugs happen to be related to via tenting?

Completed a second board, still having the same hiccups.

Have you tried this online viewer It’s one of the best out there and open source.

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I don’t understand the problem. Please identify some problems in some exact way for example with screenshots from both the .kicad_pcb layout and the corresponding gerber file.

In the end, I was mistaking a website performance issue for a problem with the Gerber files.

The site suggested by another poster will suffice as a replacement for the site in question.

I apologize for wasting everyone’s time.


Site added to my bookmarks; it has the same render format as the other site AND has some additional functionality.

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