Gerber Plot issue: Global Solder Mask

Hi, when plotting for Gerber file, It won’t let me do it because there is something wrong with the mask solder. Can you let me know what number I should input? Which one in the Board Editor the Global Solder Mask is? Please see the attached screen shot. Thank you for your time.

NOTE: Version 5.1.

I cropped your screenshot to the relevant section so it’s normally viewable on this forum:

So just set that 0.002007874 value to zero and you should be good.

What do you mean with “It won’t let me” in:

KiCad is just showing a warning that something may be off. It should not prevent you from generating gerbers if you still want to. However, unless you really know what you’re doing (and then you probably would not have asked here), you should just set all values on that page of the board setup to zero.

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