Gerber not output using my imperial units, (mm) only?

I have selected Imperial units in my project (GeneralSettings) and my drill file settings are set for imperial but my Gerber files get generated us mm, can I get my gerbers in imperal unit.Drillfilegenerator GeneralSettings (sorry if this is not the correct way to include screen shots)

This is what my gbr file says:
G04 Gerber Fmt 4.5, Leading zero omitted, Abs format (unit mm)*

I am using a milling machine to build the board and the drill file is way off from the pcb.
I am using
Version: 5.0.2-bee76a0~70~ubuntu18.04.1, release build

How o I tell KiCad to generate all the plot files using imperial units.

Thank you

Might it be that you used absolute origin in one tool while using auxilary axis in the other?

We don’t have inches output for the Gerber files. There is inches output for drill files for historical reasons.

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