Gerber Not Generating Proper Output Files

I have a custom PCB I designed where I’m trying to generate the Gerber files, but suddenly it’s no longer working as expected. Many of the traces I have on the front and back copper seem to be covered by the copper pour, which is a strange issue.

Here are my plot settings

And this is my drill file settings

When I open the gerber plot files, this is what I see:

What’s going on here? Never had a problem with making Gerber Files before until now.

I think the issue is that you have a lot of layers selected in the “Plot on All Layers” list. So for each of your layers, instead of getting just F.Cu, or just B.Cu, etc., you’re getting F.CU and B.Cu and F.Paste and B.Paste and F.Silkscreen and B.Silkscreen and F.Mask and B.Mask.

For general gerber plotting for production, you probably don’t want any of those layers selected for plotting on all layers.

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Yeah, that Plot on all layers panel is a trap. I wonder if it should be made clearer what it does or less visible.


Sometimes there are layers you want to add to all plots (but not all of them ! :slight_smile: )

I usually add mech 5 and mech 6 to all plots which is board outline / cutout, and tab routing…

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Yes that fixed it! Thank you I think I had that on since I was trying to make a PDF of the board.

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Makes sense. I use those all the time for PDFs.

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I was adding board outline to all gerbers for years until few years ago I was told by PCB manufacturer that they don’t need it. Now generating gerbers I use only the table on the left.

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