Gerber Generation for Double Sided Board

I have done PCB design in the past but this is my first design with KiCAD. I downloaded version 5.1.10 for Windows and viewed the tutorial and several YouTube videos. I then proceeded with a design of an LCD adapter double sided board as a simple first attempt. The PCB file passed DRC and two gerber files for F_Cu.gbr and B_Cu.gbr were generated. So far, so good, but when I viewed them with Gerbview the front side looked as expected but the back side was reversed. My first thought was that I neglected to check the mirror selection of the Plot screen. However, when I went back to do this it was grayed out. I suspect I’ve made some basic mistake and searched the posts of this forum looking for an answer but couldn’t find one. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Do you understand that you are looking at the B side from above?
All Gerber files are like this

Yes, that is understood. If I were submitting these gerber files to a manufacturer it wouldn’t be a problem. However, I will probably make the first board myself using one of the DIY methods where I will need a plot where the pattern is as viewed from the appropriate side.

Thank you for your response.

In the “Plot” menu you can change the output format to .SVG. .HPGL .PDF and some more and most of the others do have the option to produce mirrored output.

Gerber files are never mirrored by definition, because mirroring (some) layers introduces confusion and the possibility to sent faulty gerber files to a PCB manufacturer.

I do not know what your workflow is for home etching, but there are plenty of options.
It is for example possible that if you use software to convert gerbers to milling coordinates, that your software has a possibility built in to create mirror images.

The mirroring is normally done if needed with the gerber viewer or at printing.

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