Gerber Files generated from within PCBNew do not match PCBNew


Hello Everyone,

I’m running into a bit of an issue with the Gerber files generated from within PCBNew.

If youtake a look at my soldermask layer (from within PCBNew), you can tell the soldermasks for the ICs on the board are not touching.

However if you take a look at the soldermask layer Gerber file, all the soldermasks for eachside of each IC, are touching, so the soldermask belonging to the ICs look like long rectangles.

Any suggestions on how to fix this?

Metehan Ozten


Attached is the image of the soldermask layer from within PCBNew:

(I split this up into two posts because new users can only post one image per post)


Pcp_new does not check for soldermask minimum width. This is only checked during the gerber export. That step then removes soldemask where it would violate that.

Check your board setup against your manufacturers requirements to see if you can doe something about that.

For more detailed help with that step you really need to tell us your kicad version as the user interface did change a bit between version.


Hello Rene,

Thank you for the insight. I’m currently using KiCad 5.0.0.

I would appreciate more detailed help with how to adjust the board’s minimum soldermask width. Do you think the problem in this case is that my minimum soldermask width is set to a value that is too high?

Metehan Ozten


The kicad default settings are a bit on the safe side. There is a high chance that your manufacturer can produce boards with lower soldermask clearances and also lower minimum soldermask width.

All of this is controlled under setup->pads and mask clearance.


Hello Rene,

Thank you for the quick responses! I just tried reducing the minimum soldermask width and it worked, the gerber now reflects what I see in PCBNew.

Metehan Ozten


Just make sure that your manufacturer can indeed create the board with the values you have now set.


Ok, will do. Do you know what the typical minimum soldermask width values are that are supported by most manufacturers (like a standard)?

Metehan Ozten


There is no standard. Check your manufacturers webside.


there is already a bug report :