Gerber, drill hole offset in Gerber output issue

Hi, I recently put together a small board and wanting to make it easier to do all my measurements I tried resetting the origin point which I think has caused this issue.
This leads to the holes for J1 and J2 to be in weird positions. See image below.
Does anyone know how to reset the origin point to where it defaults? Or can explain how to fix this issue.


You need to ensure that you export both the gerbers and drill files against the same coordinate system. If you select “use auxilary axis” in one of them then also select it in the other.

If that is not the issue then provide more details. What are we seeing here (from which program is the screenshot)? How does it look in KiCad? What were the gerber settings? KiCad version?

So this only happens when I output the Gerbers only using the “Plot” settings. I did not generate them separately. I also tried changing the auxiliary axis but I still got the same results.
So I took the Gerber screenshot from JLCPCB gerber viewer, but using I got some similar results, although the offset was larger on the online viewer.
Kicad version: 5.1.4 release build
Gerber settings in image below.
I have also tried resetting the grid origin to 0,0 but it hasn’t fixed it. My next option is to start again. Not a big deal as its a small board, but I would like to get the bottom of the issue.

Showing how you generated the drill files may be more important than the gerbers.

I have found a solution. After trying everything I done above, I went into the “Generate Drill Files” menu and changed the Map file format from what it was “Postscript” and changed it to “Gerber”. i also ensure the drill origin was selected as the Auxiliary axis, and I made sure my units were in mm.

Thanks for the assistance guys. I will never change the origin again and I must ensure my Gerber and drill generation files are saved.

The auxiliary axis origin can be changed. Just set another auxiliary axis origin. You can also set the auxiliary axis origin to the absolute (0,0).

I always set it to a corner of the board before generating the gerbers and, of course, check the Use auxiliary axis box.

If you use auxiliary for one part of the export then you really need to ensure that you use it for the other as well (your screenshot shows you did not use it for the gerber export)

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