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is there any possibility to take influence on the output data? Normally I produce my own PCB pototypes by outline milling. Problem is, that my outline software does not accept the Gerber-Data from KiCad. It needs to have different files for the Gerber Data itself and the apertures.

The same Problem exits with the EXCELLON Data. There the machine needs different files for the EXCELLON and the drilltools used.

I know that there is a possibility to use FlatCam. But FlatCam produces G-Code as an output file. My ISEL-Milling-Machine does not understand that as well. Therefore I have to use the upper mentioned Outline Software.

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Outline milling is quite special software, as it needs to determine a total envelope, without any ‘bonus cuts’.
Any half-decent milling software, should be able to read KiCad gerber/excellon files - it is a standard.
Contact your milling machine supplier first.

If they are out of business, and cannot help, then it’s likely not hard to post process a design to create separate size files, but you might want to spend a few minutes with an editor first, to sanity check the paths.

Test 1: If you do create 2 files, does that import and transform ok. Check oval and rect pads.
If that works can you leave the size info in the gerber line file, & can you leave the line info in the size file ?
If yes to both, you just need 2 copies of the original file :slight_smile:

Likewise with Excellon - check also slots & how they handle.

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your reply gave the right hint.

I can read the Gerber-Files from KiCad, but my software needs the apertures as an extra file. I did not realize that there is a possibility to read Gerber-X files. With that function the software extracts the apertures from the Gerber-File. So that seems to be solved.

After playing around with the Excellon Files I found out witch presets to use that the Excellon Files works as well.

All in all my problem seems to be solved. I did not try the whole process, but it looks good now.

Thanks for the help.


Norbert, DL1EBN

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