Geographic Reannotation Now Included in PCBNew

Yesterday the devs approved a merge request to add geographic reannotation as a tool in PCBNew. It can be found under Tools … Reannotate PCB.


Hi, I downloaded the latest Version: (5.1.6)-1, release build, but there is no Reannotate PCB command under Tools.
How can I get this new reannotation command?

It comes in the 5.99 nightlies.
5.1.6 is a stable release so only bugfixes appear in that branch, no new features.

ok, thx for the reply.
I will try 5.99

The lead developers decided it would be 0included as a feature in version 6 so it’s only in the nightly builds which you have to download different separately at the moment.

if you go to my website there is a stand-alone version so you can use that.

It’s worth noting that version 6 files are not compatible with the version 5 files including library so you have to be careful if you’re going to start using version 6 nightly because you can’t go back

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