Generic connection and drawn plane


I drew a plane on my PCB (filled zone). I would like to connect this plane to a test point. How to do that? Is it possible to label this plane on the schematic? Maybe as a generic connection?


You can put a test point on the schematic and assign it a footprint and a net connection. Then edit the filled zone to use the same net.

Normally the plane does not show on a schematic (other than as a net name). If you really need it to there might be a way.

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If you edit the properties of such a zone, then you can select a net from the netlist to which it will get assigned. It’s the whole area in the middle which is titled Net:

You can select any of the nets, but working with a named net is easiest to recognize. And to name a net, you just place a simple label on any net in Eeschema.

In KiCad, Zones do not get filled if the fill results in floating copper. Therefore a pad of the right net has to be within the zone boundaries, and this pad must also be reachable. So beware of tracks of other nets cutting the zone to pieces.

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