Generation of the .pos file

In the layout components (footprints) are placed with reference to the library drawing.
Even in standard KiCad library footprints are in position were pin number 1 is located in the right upper corner. After placing this footprint and rotating it angle of rotation remains with reference to lib image.
This rotation value is transferred from layout to the pos file.
It seems that standard position of footprint should be pin one in the lower left corner regardless of the library image.
Manufacturer can correct pos file but I think it would be better if we have this standard.

The problem isn’t in KiCad libraries, it’s in standards because there’s not just one standard but many. See Is there no standard for pick and place?

My assembler complained when the pos-file was indicating the location of Pin 1 and not the pick-place centre. I had to give him the centre positions before he was able to assembly the PCB.
I did it with some kind of hack (Placing a circle at the pick and place centre, on a otherwise unused layer and created a script to extract this position). So having 0,0 at the pick and place centre and not at pin 1 is the better solution.

I have made small mistake pin one is in upper left corner.
Still I think that software should generate rotation angle to the known reference.
Just consider custom footprint.

We have one known reference, the standard IPC-7351 which KiCad follows. Then, as you can see in the other thread, we have unknown references, namely rotation of each component in the reel or whatever. It’s impossible for KiCad or the library developers to know how assemblers need them rotated unless the information is taken from the actual physical reel or a good datasheet. Then it’s valid for that manufacturer part number (or ordering number).

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