Generate SVG files with pad outlines instead of solid (filled) discs?

When I either do a Plot or an Export, indicating SVG as the output, I get the pads (e.g., round pads in a through-hole DIP footprint) as solid (filled) discs.

I want to obtain that output with lines at the outer edge of the pad (just the pad outline).

Is that possible with KiCAD? (using KiCAD 5.1.8 on Ubuntu 18.04)


You can get outlines of both tracks & pads with:

Pcbnew / File / Plot / Plot / Plot format: [ DXF ]

and then:
Pcbnew / File / Import / Import Graphics

Here a sample, where I Imported a copper layer on the F.SilkS layer:

The “Plot” function usually plots everything, with each layer in a separate file, so first make a copy and experiment a bit for the details.

Unfortunately it converts each arc to a bunch of line segments.

Ooooooh, DXF… of course !!!

Ironically, where I’m going to use this, they in principle require DXF, and it’s just that they can also manage to work with SVGs. Since I’m not familiar with AutoCAD or 3D CAD software, I typically fire up LibreOffice Draw and create SVGs to give them, so I’ve gotten used to work with SVGs for this purpose.

I will certainly go the DXF route!! Arcs being a bunch of small segments is not a problem for me in this case (and in practical terms, I can’t foresee any application where that will be a problem)


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