Generate KiCAD footprint from .step with StepUp

Hi there. I came across this video on generating a footprint from .step files.

I was unable to get it to work with the file for this product.

I understand it’s a pretty simple footprint I could do on my own but would like to learn if generating footprints from . step is infact possible and how to do so.

Thanks for your time.

We might need a bit more detail here. At what stage of the process are you stuck?

Are you stuck at importing the model of the Pololu into freecad, are you stuck at the extraction of footprint information stage or are you stuck at the export to kicad? (Or on some other step?)

Usually Molex 3D packages have the footprint buit-in as part of the 3D model. These are the only 3D models I have come across with this feature. In fact, I delete the footprint objects from the 3D model every time I use a Molex one.

So most likely your 3D model does not include the footprint pads.

You are right the model does not directly define the footprint pads. However, the information needed can still be extracted from the model itself (At least the drill locations and sizes are trivial to extract).

One can however argue that the benefit of using stepup is not really there in this case. (My guess is that @Ross_Jordan wants to do this as a learning opportunity.)
It might be faster to create the footprint in KiCad directly. So Tutorial: How to make a footprint in KiCad 5.1.x (From scratch)? could be a good read for @Ross_Jordan.

I have wondered that video. Because normally the pads aren’t included, the video is misleading and confusing.

You can simply import the 3D step model in FreeCAD, project it from Top view to a 2D outline and convert it to a Sketch using StepUp WB.
Then push this outline as a footprint for Kicad and you will get all the holes and component as reference in kicad to complete your footprint

it is just few clicks…


Thanks @maui I had tried that before but must have done something wrong, followed your pics and it worked perfectly!

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