Creating a footprint from PCB/STP with StepUp

I’ve been trying to follow the instructions at Generate KiCAD footprint from .step with StepUp to no avail. I successfully import the PCB from Kicad (this is a daughterboard I plug into another board), and then create the 2D projection:


The process I follow is: via TOP VIEW selected as perspective → KSU 3D Object to 2D projection).
The view is greyed out, I then use ‘convert KSU 2D object to Sketch’.

From the log:

06:22:33  projecting the selected object to a 2D shape in the document
06:22:33  Part::Part2DObjectPython / Shape2DView: Links go out of the allowed scope
06:22:49  KiCadStepUpWB.Deactivated()
06:22:51  KiCadStepUpWB.Activated(v 10.16.8)
06:22:56  KiCadStepUpWB.Deactivated()
06:23:19  KiCadStepUpWB.Activated(v 10.16.8)

After that I export the result with the footprint generator:

The resulting footprint contains nothing from the sketch: (cant upload more than one image)
The wireframe of the sketch looks perfect in FreeCAD.

So, what am I doing wrong, if anything?


Could you post the FreeCAD file?

I think your only issue was not naming the Sketch to the layer you need to push the fp
To get the associating name reference, open the fp files in the demo menu
In your case you should change the Sketch label to ‘F-Silks_0.16’ as in the below image


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