Generate gerber files report in a similar way to OSH Park


I like using the OSH Park Gerber viewer to check my Gerber files before placing an order. I find the report they generate very clear, see screenshots. I am actually using their Gerber online viewer to check my files even when I do not intend to print with them, which I feel a little bit bad about (it means I use their CPUs, electricity etc).

Attached are example screenshots of what their Gerber viewer / check online tool looks like in my browser.

Is there a way to generate a similar nice-looking report automatically on a .zip folder of Gerbers in KiCAD? That would be a nice way to check all files directly from the .zip to be submitted (for example at seeed). Would it be possible to add a module allowing to generate such a report on a .zip folder just by clicking a button?


Have you tried ?

I wouldn’t worry too much about using other people’s CPU, if they need to they will charge for it :slight_smile:


Have you tried the 3D viewer in PcbNew?


Thank you for the link to, this is exactly what I was looking for! :slight_smile: I have given a try to the PcbNew 3D viewer and why it helps, I find it less clear (and also, the point is to open my .zip gerbers to check that everything looks good on the production files, not to check my board).