Generate circular area/zone


Hi all,

Please find a tools to create circular zone in pcbnew.

  • Select a component. This composent will be used as center of the
    circular zone. If no component is selected, the origin (0,0) will be
    used as center.

  • Select “Create a circular zone” in the Tools menu, choose the
    radius and the type of zone (normal or keep out).

  • A circular zone will be created. Select it to change properties:

  • Refill the area (B hotkey) then the circular zone is ready.

This python plugin is available in


is the number of segments still restricted by the zone code (ie. 16/32 per 90deg) or does your custom zone outline enable more segments?


For the moment I put a static number of segments to 100… It’s arbitrary :slight_smile:


Can you make that value accessible via the GUI upon creating the zone please?


Yes, it’s on github now… You can choice the value you want in the interface directly…