Generate 3D Model directly from PCB frabricated files (Gerber, location, BOM)


Hi all,
I had make a solidworks macro couple years ago to generate 3D PCB model in solidwork native form using Geber files, Component location file, and 3D BOM files (generated from KiCad). I wounder if people need this thing, and how should I release my macro file into public under what kind of license? is MIT good enough?


Could be useful for FEM simulations. (There was a question on the mailing list some time back about how to get copper layers to a FEM program. Such a tool could help with that.)

It is totally up do you what license you choose. Read the terms of the license and see if you are happy with it.

This seems like a good explanation of what the difference is between different open source licenses:


Well, to do FEM on copper level, this macro need more work for read in copper layers. At it of now, only read silk screen layer, board outline layer, drill location, component location, and component 3D model (auto convert some simple structure in WRL files into solidwork parts if not native solidwork parts of the same name found). It were use to make a light wight 3D mode of the PCB for mechanical guys.


Just published it today:


For other broadly related work on 3D visuals inferred from Gerber files in, see this

  • this is a ‘3D viewer’ gerber in.


This is great - but my experience of design PCB is not really need that level of inspection. My script more intent to learn Solidwork at the same time have a usable model to mechanical person to work with and possibly enough detail for simulation too, not with 3D art of drawing. And possibly tracking the component location change for backward annotate.