gCode Output for Milling Machine -- Wish List

It would be great if KiCAD could output gCode for milling, like Eagle can with the gCode plug-in.

It would save an extra step and just make life easier for those of us who mill prototypes, befor ording from a PCB manufacturer.

Am I alone with this wish?


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…should get you started.

Hi, Joan_Sparky!

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, I am aware of PCB to Gcode and the associated GUI.
I actually use FlatCAM, which is very good and allows for double-sided boards, using locating pins.

However, my wish is for KiCAD to offer the option of outputting gCode directly, just like it outputs Gerber files.


I would agree this has a lower priority inside KiCad.

The sort of milling-tooling you seek, often needs quite custom software to convert Gerber outlines to the opposite sense of material-removal.
The rules of material-removal + Drill will vary with machine, which is another reason this software should be more machine-centric.

I have also seen mention of laser engravers used to remove paint, which is then etched, for an outlines-only result (will have isolated copper lands, but they are tolerated)
and then another laser pass, removes the paint on the solder pads.

I’ve not seen a board made this way, but it sounds viable.