Gated Symbols Global reference and component name not relative to gate

Hi Forum,

I have been trying to create a gated symbol. However I notice that the position of the global reference and the component name in the symbol library don’t seem to correspond to that gate and they are global positions.

per say, changing the positions of these parameters in gate A are not local to this gate and seems to affect all other gates.


What do you mean with global reference in this context? A screenshot pointing to what you want to do might help.

In gate A you can see that I set the component name and global reference relative to the symbol. despite me doing this manually on the other gate units [A-E] the position of there parameters are corresponding to the last change.

AM3358BZCZ100.lib (15.0 KB)

There is no way to define the position of these fields on a per symbol unit basis. And there is not really a need for it as kicad does autoplace them anyways. (Can be turned off but you really need autoplacing if you want your symbols to be able to rotate or be mirrored)

I suspect the new file format will allow for that but we have to wait and see which of the suggestions are then really included.

I think i found a workaround. I am placing these in the global ref and comp name at the center of the symbol or origin and then i can move them relatively to any where on the schematic when i place place them. that seem to be one way of doing it.

may be other way is to keep the symbol width and length the same for all gates so that they remain where i intended them to stay.

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