Future of "De Morgan" functionality?

Background: I use only personal libraries in all my designs.
I use the “De Morgan” (better name could be “Alternate Symbol”) equivalents very often in my libraries and designs, for logic symbols and for things like opamps, analog switches and other.
Right now I’m planning to integrate the IEEE/IEC symbols into my “74xx” and “4xxx” libraries as “De Morgan” symbols.

This a major effort, so my question is:

Will the “De Morgan” functionality be carried on in future versions? What are the plans here? Will I potentially waste my time?

I haven’t sen any plan to kill it, but you are probably one of the very few users.
Do they still teach this?

I hope so, otherwise digital design is doomed. They also teach Ohm’s law.
Interesting what the term “De Morgan” triggers. I explicitly referred to “Alternate Symbol” to avoid that. Didn’t work, it seems.


I have no opinion on alternate symbol functionality in kicad, just want to point out that it’s not the lack of features in software that usually kills something, but the other way around: something already dying leads to lack of support in software.

When we (me and my brother) started in the 80s to use PCB design software we were few years after finishing our education so we had to learn it ourselves. As no one told us what “De Morgan” is intended we used it as simply different symbol. For all digital gates we had “De Morgan” as gate symbol with supply shown. Now I use only few digital ICs and mainly 1G versions but there are 2 buffers or inverters packed in SOT23-6 and for them I still use “De Morgan” the same way.

There are no plans to kill De Morgan representations. However, there are also no plans to generalize it to alternate symbols (ie: more than 2 variants).


Thanks! That was my basic question. Two variants are enough for my purposes.

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