Front silkscreen mirrored on back

Hello everyone, I’ve got a two-sided board with silkscreen on the front, as usual, associated with my components. I would like to generate a back silkscreen file wherein all of the same components are labeled in the correct orientation. If I mirror front silkscreen, it would be flipped and not match up with my components… therefore, I need to mirror on a component-by-component basis so the labels (component names and annotations but not symbols with polarity) line up with all components but are legible. Ideas on an easy way to do this? Thanks! Kelly

Do you want to have the outline on back silk or only text? Text of course needs to be mirrored as you would not be able to read it on the real board otherwise. For the outline simply copy the front silk to the back using the footprint editor (and yes you will need specialized footprints here as this usecase is so unique that i doubt you will be able to find such footprints lying around)

I know its a weird use case but I often have to solder the board with only the back side visible (I use through hole so I can “blindly” stick them into the right slot, but it helps to have labels so I know where they go). So you’re saying that my only hope is to add front and back text labels on all of the footprints that I use? That’s a pain, but good to know since it’s do-able. Thanks! Kelly

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