Front and back track copper layer and overlapping

Hi KiCad users.
KiCads default track settings are Red F.Cu for front of PCB and Green B.Cu for back of PCB.
When viewing my drawing from the front view (not flipping the drawing) the green tracks overlap the red tracks, and the green track overlaps number 5 pad.
If the green tracks are on the back side, shouldn’t the red track overlap the green tracks, and red track overlap number 6 pad?

With PCB you don’t work looking at it once from top and once from bottom. You are looking all the time from one side and you wont to work with each layer you wont. Layer selected on the right panel you have to see.
It is logical.
If it would not work that way than how would you work with internal layers?

You have the B.Cu layer active in the Layers Manager in the right side of the window. It’s seen above other layers. Select F.Cu and the red will overlap the green layer. It’s pretty logical because the active layer is where you draw/route.

Hi eelik,
I didn’t know the active later determines visual priority.
This is it, thank you.

KiCad version 5 has a flip view where you can look from the bottom.

I know. OP have written:

From that I understood that he thought that if flipped then he would see bottom layer overlaping the rest but he has not flipped so expected to see top layer in front but it was not so.

I didn’t written that flipping is not possible but that it is not the way of working - that during working you look at PCB all time from one side and only select which layer you are working on now to have it in front.
May be I’m wrong but in my imagination when I place all elements thinking which way I will go with each track than if I would flip the PCB to make bootom tracks I will at once lost all I have seen how it will be done.
Many times I designed PCB where all SMD elements were at bottom and I was looking at it from front. Therminal blocks and silkscreen connection descriptions were at front and I wonted to see the PCB as user will se it.

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