From Easy-PC to KiCAD

I have some designs that are made at Easy-PC , it produces .sch and .pcb files format. I would like to know if I can import the to KiCAD and then to Altium designer.
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The files with .sch and .pcb extensions are completely incompatible in the different PCB software

If you also have the Gerber files, then you can load them in KiCad’s Gerbview, and then back-export to a .KiCad_pcb.

A lot of infomation is simply missing from the gerber files, but there is enough to recover to make this route worthwhile.

What you can recover:

  • PCB outline.
  • Mounting hole locations.
  • All copper tracks.
  • Via locations.
  • Placement of Footprints (Implicitly by the endpoints of tracks.)
  • Netlist (Implicitly by the locations of re-created footprints)

The schematic re-creation is a manual job. The workflow is like:

  • Redraw the schematic from a (paper or .pdf) example.
  • Assign footprints as normal in Eeschema.
  • Get the footprints into Pcbnew with [F8].
  • Place the imported footprints in Pcbnew over the existing copper tracks.
  • Do a DRC check.
  • Repeat until DRC errors are gone.

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