From 5.1.12 to 6.0 just overwrite?

I see there is the version 6.0. ice Xmas gift :slight_smile:
I downloaded it but Im’ wondering if I can just install over the 5.1.12 or I have to install it aside and have 2 installations on my machine.

I hope it’s possible to install over the previous one, due the fact I have custom libraries as well, as well as I hope the script to export BOM JLCPCB compliancy still working OR if there’s another solution: welcome.

You can install it over and 5.1.12 will be upgraded to 6.0

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Thank you so much. I start to install it :slight_smile:

Backup up your project files just in case as when you open them they will be converted to v6.0 format.

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