Fridge Alarm (first pcb)

Hi everybody,
I created a schematic and layout of this simple fridge alarm that I found on a website (Fridge Door Alarm Circuit). In the link is also reported the circuit working principle.
Here are the github link of the project I made using KiCad: GitHub - michelegiorgio/Fridge_Alarm: Alarm activated when light shines on the pcb
Here I am looking for comments about any possible issue that I’m not seeing, any comment or advice is highly appreciated.
Thank you very much

I don’t see any code. I see to commits but pro and sch are empty. If you want help, post a screen shot of your schematic here.

That said, this is not a general electronics forum. It is more about using Kicad.

Hi hermit,
did you try to download the zip and extract it? If I do so and I open the KiCad project it works.
Let me attach the schematic and layout anyway

Please note that I’m not looking for general electronics comments, but comments on the board made with KiCad, as suggested by KiCad forum members replying to my first post on this forum :slight_smile:

When I hit the code button, nothing happened. That was as far as I was going. :wink:

Looks like I see the code if I click on ‘commits’. Not a github user I guess.

EDIT: Just tried in another browser and it was ‘back to normal’.

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