Friday Rant: Too many clicks (workflow/software optimisation)…

Some things should be fixed to make a faster workflow, like this when changing text properties – too many clicks needed. Or is it a more simple way to do it?
And did I mention before, the “tabs” order/function in different parts/windows… (my apologies for making a video for this instead of text only, maybe with a picture with arrows and notes)

there is an easier way in v8: in the schematic editor go to View --> Show Properties Manager there all properties of a selected object will be displayed and can be changed with less clicks then with the properties dialog.

I also don’t think it would be a good idea to close any dialog after changing something in a subdialog as you recommended, because you may want to change other settings as well.

Thirdly I highly recommend you to checkout the hotkeys KiCad offers by default and which can be set by the user, as this reduces the amount of clicks needed for most of the actions.

I’ve no complaints with your videos. They’re rehearsed and available directly from the forum.
Complaints about videos are usually because it is needed to sign in to some viewing platform to see, and then the maker dithers with the comment.

Using the properties panel greatly speeds up these changes.

Thanks jmk, the properties manager is the way :slight_smile:

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