FreeRouting problem


I’m trying to open the DSN file with FreeRouting.jar, but I get some errors:

HelpSet helpset/en/Help.hs not found.
help_broker is null
Library.read_padstack_scope: shape not found for padstack with name Rect[]Pad_220x750_um
Library.read_padstack_scope: shape not found for padstack with name Rect[]Pad_2700x2700_um
Library.read_padstack_scope: shape not found for padstack with name Rect[]Pad_750x220_um
Library.read_scope: board padstack not found

This is the project:


In footprint QFN64_Energymicro there are separate pads for copper and paste, that is there pads with just the copper, and another set of pads with just the paste. Normally in KiCad each pad would have copper and paste defined in the same pad.

It appears FreeRouting does not like the “paste only” pads. I suppose a workaround is to use a footprint from the KiCad library.

I am guessing the footprint was imported from Eagle?


Thanks, using the standard KiCad Housings_DFN_QFN:QFN-64-1EP_9x9mm_Pitch0.5mm footprint works. Don’t know if it was imported from Eagle, I copied it from an open source project.


In the official lib we also have paste only pads. We use them for the exposed pads.

@Frank_Buss have the paste only pads a pad number assigned? If they have you might want to remove the number. (Have a look at for example this footprints exposed pad)
If this does not help then you can still go with the suggestion by @bobc. (But this will mean that a lot of the official footprints will not work with freeroute.)


Don’t know, the original project is here, if you want to fix the FreeRouting problem:

Replacing it with the KiCad footprint works for me, FreeRouting routed 100%:


Bottom side:


Freerouting is a third party project, nothing to do with KiCad development.
It needs some attention from a Java expert


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