Freerouting not in layout Java in Ubuntu it's not performing well. Best practices or how to start the layout one freerouting?

Freerouting not in layout Java in Ubuntu it’s not performing well. Best practices or how to start the layout one freerouting?

It’s not connecting the mini HDMI connector I set kicad to macrofab standards.

Freerouting is 2 years old and not maintained. (There may or may not be active development on some branch but we never seem to find it. Just people wrapping it up in new packaging to ‘save it’) I blew all sorts of time figuring it out and then decided the Kicad tools were much better. :wink:

You may or may not get adequate help here as Freerouting is not part of Kicad and most users find the interactive router better. I know I did. If you are able to share your design folks might be able to give you better help. Can you manually route that HDMI connector? There may be a clue there. I’m guessing macrofab standards might be too loose with the tolerances to route it.

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Might be; without checking I think I remember Macrofab needs 10/10mil traces.

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I think the settings may have not transferred to freerouting. That could be why the wires are wjder than the HDMI pins. It would probably not hand route for that reason

You have a link the spec sheet for this part?

It is a SMT HDMI mini connector I can find the pdf spec sheet also here are some of the macrofab info.

The one mini footprint I can find seems to indicate it should be OK with your fab house. Right on the edge, but OK.

Where did you get the footprint from? I don’t see on in the Kicad libraries. I/we must assume limited experience here because you are dependent on FreeRoute? Not a real issue, just trying to help. I went through the same thing. Learning the software is hard enough so you think auto-router and extensive libraries are a requirement. It doesn’t take much to get past that curve though. It depends on how much you will be using the software in the future whether it is worth it for you. It might not be a FreeRoute issue if you can’t hand route it. The footprint might have too large a tolerance set.

Hi I checked my kicad has the same numbers as the kicad v 4 tutorials for drc setup in kicad. Hopefully the units are correct. Freerouting may have a different unit um instead of mill or something.
It is important to get the info right to be able to have it made by macrofab.

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