Freerouting more than 2 layers

Is it possible?
I have a four layer board but Freeroute seems to just take B.Cu and In1.Cu.
I tried disabling the layers in PcbNew (unchecking the checkbox) before exporting the dsn but no effect.

Right now I’m currently going to:

  1. Have Freeroute do B.Cu and In1.Cu layers
  2. Clean up manually
  3. Let Freeroute do F.Cu and In1.Cu layers
  4. Clean up manually
    … repeat

Anyone dealt with this issue before?
I know Freeroute recognizes all four layers because I can change the “visibility” setting, but it seems to only select two layers for the autorouting. I can’t seem to figure out how to have it decide which layers to select either.

It seems there was a thread on this recently and it said about the same. Pick 2 layers and route. Then pick the other two.

Hermit - thanks. I did see that post.

I should add some more information –

  • when I checked on my Freeroute used 3 layers somehow (F.Cu, In1.Cu, and B.Cu), even though it only had B.Cu and In1.Cu available within the Freeroute GUI

  • I still don’t know how to get KiCad to tell Freeroute which layers to do or how to select these within Freeroute itself (it usually only loads two layers as options, in my case: B.Cu and In1.Cu)

For the sake of putting something valuable on this thread –

As of v4.0.7 the built-in autorouter still exists when you use the older graphics (i.e. press F9).

This autorouter is able to select the layers which it will work from (only two at a time).

Alternatively, you can install Freeroute.
This tool still works and the best way I know of to install it is using miho’s repository:

  • His implementation is the easiest to install, very few bash commands, no need to install an IDE.

Freeroute seems to be better than the built-in autorouter in that it can “Postroute” or optimize after making all the connections. However, this takes much longer.

When autorouting, I recommend first:

  1. creating power and ground planes first
  2. creating all of the power and ground vias that you need
  3. routing critical signals
  4. autoroute

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