Freerouter manual


Though I am not sure if this is the right place to ask for, I was looking for the freerouter manual. Does anyone have it pls?

Arvind Gupta

You might want to check the helpset in the github repository.

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Thanks. But does anyone not have a pdf version of it pls? :grin:

Arvind Gupta

The reason I am asking for the manual is that when I was trying to change a few options in freerouter, the changes were not registering. For eg: if I try to reduce the cost of via to 45 through Parameter : Autoroute: Detail parameter and close the sub-menu, on reopening it, the sub menu option is reset to default value of 50. Same for the options ‘power plane via cost’ and ‘rip up start costs’.

Thanks and Regards,
Arvind Gupta.