Freerouter for Kicad (Old)

Many years ago, there was a Freerouter within Kicad, but it dissapeared. My son, somehow, added it to my filling system, and I still have it.
Would this be interesting to anyone? If so I could post it or somethiing. Let me know.
I’ve just noticed in a pop up, there is a plug-in, so maybe this is already catered for?

It’s available here Releases · freerouting/freerouting · GitHub

plugin is not maintained so may or may not work. Manually exporting specctra and then importing results works.

@qu1ck Hi Q,
Ok, so mine isn’t needed then, thanks.

The ‘new’ versions are mainly people that ‘saved’ the old from extinction by updating the Java to a newer supported version. There seems to be no active development on the actual router portion of the code that I’ve seen.

There are some bug fixes showing on this version of Freerouting (1.5.0), but no major changes

Actually there are now some new good features added recently like possibility skip some nets from freerouter that should help in cases where autorouting and manual routing are wanted to do in parallel case by case.

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