FreeCad PCB Shape To Kicad PCBnew

Spent a few minutes to create a New (Simplified, 5-Minute) Video on making a PCB Shape in FreeCad for use in Kicad’s PCBnew.

Pretty simple (a curious person would naturally fool around to get a good grasp of drawing and constraining (dimensioning) their shapes…)

Here’s the Link

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That’s pretty neat, and a good explanation and demo, especially on constraining board shapes. That said, the import/export is a one click operation with the kicadstepupmod workbench for FreeCAD, so I wonder why you don’t use that rather than manually exporting the shape and importing it.



Never know if a User has or knows about Plugins and Workbenches. Thus, I think it’s best to do video tut’s with the Foundational Tools…

That Aside…
Given that Open-Source programs and, especially plugins can be posted by anybody, can come&go and can have a host of “quirk’s”, I prefer not taking advantage of them and tend to stick with the Foundational approach.

StepUp is fine - it’s improved and embellished quickly. As far as One-Click, my customized default FreeCad setup is for minimum need to open workbenches for access to only a few features. I just didn’t use them (to confuse others).

Look at the video - see the Custom Toolbar’s with Tool-Icon’s from various other workbenches and my own FreeCad plugins and Macros…