FreeCAD/KiCadStepUp Linux Version That Works?

In my opinion, FreeCAD is a mess to deal with, based upon my personal experiences dealing with it.

What OS should I run? …I can run any version of Windoze in a VitualBox.
What FreeCAD version should I run with that OS?

I’m having more problems with the currently listed stable than I am with the last weekly AppImage build.

Problems? Crashes/Freezes/Missing Claimed Feature Functions.

Can anyone point me to a FreeCad/KiCadStepUp Linux Version without significant problems?

On which Linux are you on?
FC should work flawless with Ubuntu, Mint, Debian and most Linux distros.
Where did you get your AppImage release?
Here you can find the latest stable assets:

and here the daily builds:

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