Freecad has a problem in import preferences

When I open FreeCad and its Edit/preference/import-export settings, I can’t see step settings. But after I open a step file, step import settings are also there. And they stay visible.

FreeCad has many, many workbenches - only the basic one’s show in Pref’s until the specific workbench gets opened.

Would you really want all the workbenches to show in the pref’s panel window - you’d need several monitors and wouldn’t want to see workbenches you’re not interested in or will never use…

I understand, but I wondered what was happening when people talked about items I didn’t have, and then they suddenly they appeared.

…now you know… (and, use the Tools>Addon-Manager to install workbenches and macros)

that is strange… anyway if you set in FC preferences “Part” or “Part Design” as starting WB, you shouldn’t have this issue anymore.

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