Freecad - Fusion not colored

I’ve been using FreeCad with Maui’s plugin - REALLY LiKE IT!
This really is a FC question, but it is relevant to KiCad users.

I’ve imported a project and it appears fine. When I do PART—Boolean—Union, to add hex posts, the color of the Fusion is black/white.
Is there a way to retain the original colors?
Is there a way to UN-UNION? what is would that be called? I don’t see anything under Part - Boolean.

I suppose I could import again and overlay the pcb and components.

thanks in advance!

This answer may not be too helpful if looking for the ‘How-To-do-It’ or, ‘What-Is-Wrong’ but, it forms a basis for moving forward with FreeCad…

Like most Open-Source programs with various embedded and added plugin’s and sub-programs, FreeCad, too, has it’s ‘quirks’. And, so does Kicad.

Relying on plugins to work across the frontier of their Wild-West nature is not reliable or, consistent. Colors are One example of this, as are Boolean operations. Specifically, Boolean in Part-Workbench is not identically the same as Boolean in PartDesign-Workbench.
Too often, a programmer for, their code, will define/assume something like, “Tesselation” and define it in usage to do something that’s not in accordance with another programmers defn…

I’m not going into details but, rather, suggest a User discover the differences by making some tests - when done, user will have an understanding of How/When/What tools to use for a particular aspect of CAD modeling. Then, when the next Version is released, that Defn may change and user is back in the Wild-West… If not believing me, just look at all the Revisions/etc in Kicad…

And, how you model has a significant role in retaining colors…

So as a Vanilla Hint, Parts, Bodies, features within Bodies and Parts… All play a role in Boolean and Coloring…

have you tried the StepUp fusion button, or the compound one?
it sould keep the colors

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I ran into this problem in Rhino and documented my notes here:

Thank you! That worked great.

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