FreeCAD 0.18 announced


FreeCAD is an unofficial friend of KiCad.
I noticed today that 0.18 has just been announced, no packages available yet.

Paging @maui for the status of the StepUp workbench on this upcoming release


Works fine. I used nightlies for it since, well ever. (Like with kicad the nightly gets converted into the stable build at some point in time.)


@davidsrsb @Rene_Poschl
thank you for announcing it on KiCAD forum :smiley:
FreeCAD 0.18 is very stable and has many new and useful features, and is available also with python 3 and Qt5 flavor.
KiCAD StepUp is fully compatible with latest FreeCAD 0.18 release, both with py2, Qt4 and py3, Qt5.

Happy ECAD-MCAD Collaboration! :wink:



Is there a list of changes someplace?

Edit: oh, nvm, found it here:


Will definitely check it. 0.17 crashed for me when tried to switch do Parts workbench.


sometimes config files get corrupted…
this may be relevant:

FC 0.18 RC

FC 0.18 pre AppImage